Border At The BREAKING POINT – Army Of Migrants SWELLS!

( – The crisis at the border doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, as over 100,000 more migrants are waiting in Mexico to cross into the United States to claim asylum and seek job opportunities.

According to a new report, 104,000 migrants in northern Mexico are waiting to enter the US, nearly 50,000 more than the number estimated by the Chief of Border Patrol in May after the end of Title 42.

Title 42 was the border policy put in place at the end of the Trump administration to try and mitigate the spread of the pandemic. It allowed the government to instantly send illegal border crossers back over. Once the policy was ended, the main concern, especially among Republicans, was that a large surge of migrants would rush to the border to try and get in if they knew the restrictions were lighter.

President Joe Biden and his administration insist they’ve gotten stricter on the border. Despite the tougher penalties for trying to cross illegally, nearly 44,000 migrants are let into the country legally every month after submitting their applications on a government app.

The crisis is not only impacting border states like Texas, but the East Coast as well. Cities like New York are overwhelmed with asylum seekers looking for lodging, which has put a strain on the Big Apple’s resources.

Many of the migrants waiting to cross the border, most of whom come from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua, are applying for asylum and believe they have legitimate cases.

It usually takes around 90 days for applicants to receive an appointment to be interviewed. During the interview, applicants are reviewed to see if they meet the requirements. If approved, they are allowed into the US to pursue an asylum claim as well as work permits. Some migrants could wait years for a hearing in court.

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