Bob Costas: ‘Common Sense’ To Not Allow Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports

( – Sports broadcast icon Bob Costas came out strongly against the inclusion of males who identify as females in women’s sports, suggesting the issue was simply “common sense” during a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on February 9. Referencing the inclusion of men who pretend to be women in women’s boxing “seems crazy,” Costas said.

Costas argued that it would be an amazing achievement if a woman could compete with the men of the NBA, however, taking the lowest ranking man in the sport and putting him in the women’s league is “bull****,” according to Costas.

Costas acknowledged that organizations who create the rules for each sport are self-governing and thus can craft their own rules, but blasted organizations like Olympic boxing which permits so-called “transgender women” to compete against biological females.

USA Boxing is facing similar backlash over an identical rule change. The rules were changed to allow men who pretend to be women to compete against females if they align with the requirements. The rules said that minors must still compete with their biological gender, but adults who surgically and chemically alter themselves to appear more female can compete with the women.

The transgender boxers must demonstrate that their testosterone levels were below five nanomoles per liter for the past three years from their competition in the women’s category and for the entire duration of their competition.

Costas said “common sense” wasn’t transphobic. He also affirmed that people who want to chemically and surgically alter themselves are welcome to it, if they think it’ll make them happier and more productive people.

To make his point clear he demonstrated physical differences between men and women and highlighted how the men were advantaged.

Atlantic writer Caitlin Flanagan chimed in saying that the reason we have distinct categories for men and women at all is due to the obvious extreme differences between the sexes in terms of physical prowess. She added that it was obviously benefiting the men who compete in women’s sports while not offering any noticeable advantages to women who choose to compete as men.

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