Blue State Citizens FLEE To Florida – And It’s Not Hard To See Why

AG Says Blue State Citizens Are Heading to Florida Because of Crime

AG Says Blue State Citizens Are Heading to Florida Because of Crime

( – For some, Florida may engender thoughts of spring break, temperate weather, theme parks, cruise ships, beaches, and retirement villas. Yet, according to the state’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, a growing number of people are flocking to the Sunshine State because “leadership matters,” and “Florida is a law and order state” that’s tough on crime.

Speaking with Fox News Host Sean Duffy on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Moody emphasized the importance of the contract between government and people. “It’s not rocket science,” she said, pointing out how Florida leadership doesn’t stand idly by when things go wrong. Instead, according to her, it works to correct problems, including preventing crime.

Moody cited examples, including $5,000 signing bonuses for new police recruits and raises for existing officers, changes in laws to prosecute those committing serial petty retail theft crimes as felons, and support for law enforcement agencies. She warned, “if you’re a criminal and you reside in Florida, you need to get out.”

Still, many people recognized the value of other Florida government policies, like Governor Ron DeSantis’ more open approach during the pandemic, no personal income tax, reasonable real estate taxes, and a business-friendly atmosphere. As a result, the Sunshine State has seen population growth even during the pandemic, while Democrat-led states like California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts have experienced losses, according to Pew Research.

Has crime motivated you to move? Should more states follow Florida’s example?

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