Big Apple’s Unwelcome Mat – Mayor Hands Out Flyers to Immigrants

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams has started distributing flyers warning illegal immigrants to stay away from the Big Apple. The Mayor has determined that the new arrivals can only use the city’s homeless services for a maximum of 60 days before moving on. “With more than 54,800 asylum-seekers still currently in our care, this effort will intensify adult asylum-seekers’ casework services over the next two months to help them take the next step on their journey,” Adams said.

The flyer in question tells migrants to consider going to another part of America because “there is no guarantee” that they will receive help in New York, where accommodations and other necessities are “the most expensive in the United States.”

The new policy is the latest attempt by Eric Adams’ administration to move migrants out of New York, despite its previous boasts that all immigration is welcome. In 2021, Adams tweeted that the Big Apple “will remain a sanctuary city,” but since thousands began arriving last year, Mr. Adams has been forced to rethink.

Several counties and towns in Upstate New York implemented local laws to prevent the relocation of migrants to their areas, prompting Adams to file lawsuits against them. The Mayor began shipping migrants to other parts of the state, but local leaders refused to accept them and issued emergency declarations warning of criminal and financial penalties for hotels or businesses that assisted in the relocations.

Meanwhile, some border crossers were shipped to Canada earlier this year, prompting an outcry from political leaders in Quebec. In February, Quebec immigration minister Christine Fréchette said she was “surprised” to find migrants crossing the border from New York, adding that the need to “solve the problem” had become “urgent.”

Eric Adams is calling on other states, including those that oppose mass migration, to take in the migrants welcomed to the US by left-wing leaders. Southern states, including Florida and Texas, continue sending migrants to states led by open-border politicians.

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