Biden’s “VISIT” Quietly Ignored This Detail!

( – President Joe Biden paid a visit to Manhattan this Tuesday, but it wasn’t to assess the 2$ billion migrant crisis impacting the city. Instead, Biden came to check out the construction site of a $292 million rail tunnel.

While the POTUS was visiting the new rail tunnel in the Chelsea neighborhood beside the Hudson River, just a mile or so away, dozens of migrants were still camped outside of the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. Mayor Eric Adams set up a new shelter for the single male migrants to be relocated so the hotel could be cleared and filled with migrant families instead, and many have refused to leave.

There are a few other things on Biden’s agenda, such as attending a reception for a fundraiser at the Democratic National Committee, yet absent from his list of destinations were the emergency shelters taking in migrants throughout the city. Since last Spring, over 43,000 asylum seekers have arrived and the strain on the city’s resources is palpable.

Mayor Adams, who joined Biden and Gov. Kathy Hochul for the tour, visited the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, recently and had to admit that the situation is a “national crisis,” making it clear that NYC did not have streets paved in gold or the capacity to care for all of the migrants being sent there, a false impression many seem to have. Adams has been pleading with the White House and FEMA to provide emergency aid and assistance.

Republican Joe Borelli, Council Minority Leader from Staten Island, criticized the president for coming “to take a gander at a much-needed hole in the ground” while “his failure at the border is blowing a tunnel-sized gap in our city budget” with no offer to help.

Even some of Biden’s own party members are criticizing his lack of interest in the situation, such as Democratic City Councilman Robert Holden, who said it was “absurd” that Biden “wouldn’t want to visit the migrants.” Holden called the president’s actions “disgraceful” and accused him of “pushing his agenda” while not wanting to “fix the border mess he created.”

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