Biden’s RACIAL Remark Just Landed Him In Hot Water!

( – President Joe Biden has been widely criticized for referring to himself as a “white boy” at a White House reception to mark black history month.

His comment “I may be a white boy but I’m not stupid” has drawn fierce backlash from commentators, some of whom have described his remarks as overtly racist and an insult to white Americans. It is also seen by some as indicative of his apparent approval of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) philosophy that pits white people against black people and encourages animosity and division between the two.

It is not the first time the President has been accused of racism or pushing a race-based agenda, and Republicans recently composed a video featuring footage of previous racist remarks. Included in the video is a clip of Biden telling a black voter that if he cannot decide between him and Donald Trump, then he isn’t actually black.

He also describes former President Barack Obama as the first mainstream African American who is articulate and clean. His history of links with the Ku Klux Klan and its leadership is also explored. He refers to Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd as a friend and a mentor. 

While Republicans, particularly during the Trump era, are accused of racism, historical fact tends to show that the Democrats have a far more troublesome history in this regard. The Republican party was the first to have elected members who had previously been slaves, whereas the Democrats did not follow suit until decades later. The Democratic Party is also the primary advocate for Critical Race Theory and the notion that white people are oppressors of black people regardless of the circumstances or status of the individuals involved.

The theory has been banned from schools and other public institutions in several Republican states. The Biden administration has enthusiastically embraced CRT however and continues to advocate that black Americans are victims of racism and thus unable to achieve success. 

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