Biden’s Democrat CHALLENGER Strikes – Calls Him Out!

( – Democratic Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson has lashed out at President Biden and said he had done little to support America’s working class.

During a speech in New Hampshire, Williamson said the Democrats need an energetic candidate for the White House in what could be viewed as a swipe at the President’s age. When asked if he’d done enough for working people, the candidate replied, “He hasn’t done enough, but he’s certainly done a lot more than the Republicans.”

The self-help author has entered the race for the White House for the second time. She ran in 2020 but dropped out early due to a lack of support. She describes herself as a “Roosevelt Democrat” and said her party should engage in “unequivocal advocacy” for working people. 

Williamson is firmly on the left of the party. She wants to see universal healthcare and childcare introduced nationwide, as well as a national living wage and more leave from work. But her most radical viewpoint is on climate. On this issue, she also believes Biden needs to be stronger.

She criticized the President’s decision to approve a controversial gas pipeline project in Alaska. Environmental groups have protested against the decision, but Alaska officials say it will bring much-needed employment opportunities to the state. Lukas Ross at Friends of the Earth said Biden’s climate promises were derailing as the approval of the venture was against his own policies.

Frank Richards, who is developing the project, said the $39 billion venture will “provide Alaskans and US allies with a significant source of low-emissions, responsibly produced energy consistent with international environmental priorities.” 

Williamson made climate a key policy area when she ran for the White House in 2020. At that time, she promoted the left-leaning concept of “Climate Justice.” She argued that climate change disproportionately affects people of color and other “disadvantaged” groups.

She also believes that black Americans should be financially compensated for slavery – funded by the working US taxpayer. 

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