Biden Wants Free Medical And Housing for 5.7 Million Migrants

( – According to recently discovered government documents, President Joe Biden and his administration want to hand out free food, housing, medical services, and other social services to 5.7 million immigrants.

Since Biden took office in 2021, over 2.4 million more immigrants have crossed the southern border into the US from Mexico. This fact was lost in the details of paperwork about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program called “Release and Reporting Management” (RRM), which the New York Post reported on this week.

The plan from ICE would utilize private companies to assist in monitoring new arrivals using in-person check-ins, phone apps, and ankle monitors. According to Tom Homan, a former director of ICE, the Biden administration’s aim is to give free food, shelter, and medical services to nearly 6 million border-crossers, which would require billions of dollars, and establish a welfare program for immigrants waiting for their court dates.

Homan said that the RRM program “is just a push” by those who support open borders “to provide welfare benefits” to roughly 6 million people who aren’t American citizens. Not included in that number by ICE are the migrants currently held in detention centers for processing along the southern border or those in deportation facilities.

According to a Q&A form published by ICE in September, the RRM program is set to “replace” all other programs for non-detained immigrants, primarily the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program established in 2004. The new initiative will “require additional funding” than what the current program costs in order to pay for everything from legal help and “psychosocial services” to therapy, food, medicine, clothes, public transportation, and housing.

Horman slammed the new program, claiming the federal government wants “to give legal assistance to illegal aliens” at the expense of taxpayers, a “massive giveaway” of “billions of dollars.”

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