Biden to Help Homeless with “Gender Affirming” Care

( – The Biden administration is to provide “gender-affirming” care to America’s homeless. The ‘woke’ policy will require agencies that work to tackle homelessness to take identity issues in to account and to be ‘culturally appropriate’.

The US Interagency Council on Homelessness said, “The key components to effective emergency shelter include culturally appropriate, gender-affirming, and specific, low –barrier access and housing-focused services aimed at rapid exits back to permanent housing.”

“Gender-affirming” means that those of one gender who identify as another be treated as their chosen gender i.e. a person born male will be given access to facilities intended for females and vice versa.

The Biden administration has placed much emphasis on gender-affirming provision and has highlighted and promoted transgender causes at a national level. Biden for instance invited a controversial TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, to the White House to discuss “girlhood.” During their discussion, the President said no states should be allowed to prevent the distribution of drugs to children that stop the progression of puberty.

Puberty-blockers, as these drugs are known, are prescribed to children as young as 6 years old across the US and little is known about their long-term effects. While the Biden administration is endorsing “gender-affirmation,” it is simultaneously funding research into the drug’s effects in what amounts to an admission that these effects are not yet known.

The new homelessness plan also encourages harm reduction strategies in drug use. This usually refers to the provision of drug-using paraphernalia, such as needles and syringes, to addicts, rather than help to stop using. It can lead to open drug use on city streets and needles being discarded on public sidewalks. In San Francisco, city officials in the past have hired staff with the sole purpose of picking up used needles from the street following thousands of complaints from residents.

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