Biden Sold Border Wall Materials Before Approving New Wall

( – Days before announcing continued construction of a wall along the southern border, the Biden administration was apparently in the process of selling off building materials that were meant to construct barriers.

It appears President Joe Biden’s approval of 20 additional miles of border wall may have been a sudden change of heart. The US Department of Homeland Security announced last Thursday that 26 different laws would be waived in order to make way for continuing the construction of a wall along the southern border in the Rio Grande Valley Sector of Texas.

As recently as the day before, though, a substantial amount of steel tubing for walls and square iron was listed for sale on GovPlanet, a website where state, local, and federal agencies can auction off their surplus inventory. There are still multiple lots active on the auction site, which don’t end until late October.

Republicans accused the Biden administration of wasting taxpayer dollars when news about the auctions was first reported in August. Now the administration claims the new wall was only approved to use up the existing funding for it. Critics are now wondering if the administration’s decision to sell off building materials may have been shortsighted in light of the recent wall construction approval, especially considering the materials are located in nearby Red Rock, Arizona.

While running for the White House in 2020, Biden promised that “not another foot of wall” would be built while he’s in office. On Thursday, he was asked in the Oval Office if he believed a wall along the border would work. Biden replied flatly, “No.” He then explained that the money was already designated for wall construction before he was president and that he initially attempted to redirect the funds but could not get Congress to approve.

The president may be trying to save face with this explanation and to avoid having to admit that former President Donald Trump was right about the necessity of a border wall. Trump reacted to the news about Biden’s approval of continued construction by demanding an apology from him.

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