Biden Scandal EXPLODES – Damning IRS Testimony!

( – An IRS whistleblower has emerged to testify that an investigation into the President’s son Hunter Biden was brushed under the carpet. The unnamed agent has worked on the Biden case since 2018 but was removed without explanation, along with some of his team members. He will now reveal the details to Congress. 

Officials are investigating Hunter Biden for allegedly failing to pay millions of dollars in taxes from earnings made from foreign associates. The entire investigatory team was dismissed on May 15th, allegedly by orders of the Justice Department. Whistleblowers believe the move was an act of retaliation because one team member contacted Congress saying he wanted to come forward to reveal a cover-up.  

Mark Lytle, attorney for the unnamed informant, said his client has documents and emails revealing “preferential treatment” and “lies to Congress.” He said it is not a matter of believing his client because everything is written in black and white and can be proven beyond doubt.

The news will likely add weight to Republican corruption claims involving federal institutions and the Biden family. It comes only days after GOP lawmakers asked the FBI to hand over documents allegedly revealing a criminal scheme involving President Biden. 

Another unnamed informant told Republicans that the feds have an FD-1023 file showing the President took cash in exchange for policy decisions when he served as Vice President in the Obama administration.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer subpoenaed the document from the FBI and issued a May 10th deadline. That date passed without FBI compliance. Comer subsequently threatened FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying he would hold him in contempt of Congress if the agency refused to hand over the file.

GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he spoke to Wray by phone and is confident that he will produce the records. “I explained to the director that we will do everything in our power, and we have jurisdiction over the FBI,” McCarthy said.

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