Biden Opens FLOODGATES – Poverty Is Coming!

( – Vast numbers of migrants, who came to America under the Biden administration, are living in extreme poverty.

This is particularly the case in the more liberal states like New York and California, where widespread low pay and illegal hiring are reducing living standards and wages for Americans, as well as keeping migrants in near slave-like conditions. A political activist, Irene de Barraicua, told the Washington Post that slum conditions are “very typical” across the country, including only miles from Silicon Valley, the big tech hub of California. 

In New York, South American migrants are scraping a living by selling candy on the Subway. The New York Post interviewed several such migrants, many of whom had arrived in the Big Apple only days or weeks previously. One woman said she had been in NYC for 15 days and had been donated boxes of candy to sell.

She can make around $80 a day. An Ecuadorian mother said she had not eaten or been to the toilet for a whole day. “It’s too big and overwhelming here. I am doing whatever I can and fighting to feed my children. It’s difficult to earn money, to find a job, it’s tough living here,” she said.

At the same time, charities and institutions working with Americans in poverty are finding themselves completely overwhelmed. More than 36,000 migrants have arrived in New York since June 2022, and liberal Mayor Eric Adams, despite advocating for mass migration, has said his city can no longer cope. Cheap hotels and homeless shelters are full and migrants are being sent to bus stations to try to find a helpful hand.

The Stewart Hotel, a designated Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center, said it is now at full capacity and migrants are being turned away.

The hotel doors have been locked and signs directing people to the Port Authority and homeless shelters are posted on the front of the building.

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