Biden Official Uses Private Jets While Warning of Carbon Emissions

( – A top official at the Biden White House has been taking multiple taxpayer-funded trips on private jets while calling for government intervention to reduce carbon footprints. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has previously called for “dramatic, urgent action” to prevent aviation emissions.

Buttigieg has been flying both domestically and internationally using the private fleet of the Federal Aviation Administration, which charges $5,000 an hour for use of its jets. In 2017, President Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was forced to resign after the House Oversight and Reform Committee investigated his use of private jets at a cost to taxpayer of around $1.2 million.

The double standard mirrors that of leaders worldwide, who fly to global conferences and then preach at members of the pubic to reduce their carbon footprint. At the Cop27 meeting in Egypt this year, more than 400 private jets were reportedly used to transport delegates. According to a European group that campaigns for cleaner air, a private jet emits up to 14 times more emissions per passenger than a commercial jet.

The ‘climate change’ narrative in general is steeped in accusations of hypocrisy and is often framed in terms of a complete overhaul of the way of life of ordinary people. The Green New Deal put forward by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in 2019 provides some examples. Winning the support of Kamala Harris and others, AOC shared her desire to phase out flying altogether.

Similar aspirations have been voiced in Europe with some even calling for restrictions on where and when people could use their cars. In one British city, local government officials have said drivers should be obliged to apply for special permits to drive their cars, and should only be allowed to do so for a limited number of days per year.

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