Biden Impeachment Inquiry Backed By Johnson

( – Earlier this month, newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson officially backed the impeachment inquiry launched by fellow Republican lawmakers into President Joe Biden and his family regarding possible illegal business dealings.

A few weeks before Johnson reiterated his support for the impeachment inquiry, a Washington Post report claimed the Speaker was telling other lawmakers and the press that he didn’t believe the evidence was sufficient enough to go through with an official impeachment of Biden. Johnson refuted the Washington Post report and said that Congress’s inquiry “has already shown” that the Biden family was involved in “corrupt conduct” and “lied” about the president’s “knowledge and involvement” in the business dealings of his family.

In his refutation, the Speaker added that the inquiry “has also exposed” millions “paid to shell companies” by “foreign adversaries,” companies controlled by the President’s son, Hunter Biden, and the president’s brother, James Biden, as well as “their business associates.”

The Speaker also thanked Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee, Jason Smith of the Ways and Means Committee, and James Comer of the Oversight Committee.

Johnson’s recent statement on the matter didn’t exactly call for immediate proceedings to begin, but he did express support for the GOP committee chairs who are handling the matter. The House Speaker said that the next step will be to question “key witnesses under oath” and “under the penalty of perjury” to provide the missing details.

A few witnesses have already been hit with subpoenas by Comer, including the first son and Biden’s brother, along with five other Biden family business associates. A spokesman for the White House responded on Twitter to Johnson’s remarks, describing the Republicans leading the charge on Biden as “extreme.” The spokesman, Ian Sams, said they “must be relieved” to not be “under penalty of perjury themselves.”

Biden remains in the 2024 presidential race, although many suspect he will either bow out or be ushered out by his own party in some way and replaced by a younger and more prospective candidate.

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