Biden HUMILIATED In His Own Backyard – Epic Protest!

DC Highway Sees Massive Anti-Democrat Protest

DC Highway Sees Epic Anti-Democrat Protest

( – Free speech and the ability to express opinions come in many different forms. The concept prompted tech billionaire Elon Musk to buy Twitter to ensure the virtual town square operated freely, without undue censorship. Recently, YouTube performer Shaun Porter interpreted speech and protest through a more analog medium by taking his anti-Democrat protest to the Washington DC, area highway overpasses.

Porter decided to publicly broadcast his opinions regarding President Joe Biden and Democrats using graphic images and plenty of expletives on giant signs hung on DC-area highway overpasses during rush hour. He started his campaign in mid-October, joined by a few others. He plans to continue his unconventional protest through the midterm elections.

The YouTuber’s goal is to have fun while voicing his opinion ahead of the election; the crude language and images are simply marketing devices to garner more attention, Porter says. “It’s the sizzle that sells the steak,” he told the Washington Post in October.

On Tuesday, November 1, Porter characterized responses to his protest as “overwhelmingly positive” in an interview with the Daily Caller. He described how people had brought the protestors food, coffee, and even beer. Still, the performer admitted some people wanted to halt his protest and destroy his signs.

Maryland Highway data provided to WUSA9 showed as many as 200,000 motorists pass by the Bradley Boulevard Overpass on I-495 daily — one of the overpasses Porter frequents. Maryland State Police told WUSA9 how concerns about the protesters’ First Amendment protections and weak laws surrounding the definition of obscenity are preventing them from asking Porter to stop. Meanwhile, the YouTube entertainer is enjoying the spectacle.

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