Biden Gave Only 7 Interviews in 2022

( – President Biden has granted only seven interviews with journalists in 2022. While campaigning for the White House, Biden said he wanted to heal the rift with the press that characterized the Trump administration and that he would be more transparent.

His first interview of the year was with Lester Holt in February, but he waited another four months before his second with Associated Press. His latest was a sit down with actress Drew Barrymore during which he and the First Lady played a version of The Newlywed Game.

Media analyst Joe Concha said, “His handlers are petrified of him sitting down for anything resembling a challenging interview”.

The president granted less than half as many interviews this year as in 2021, and he has held only five formal solo press conferences. He also let slip in November that he had been given a list of reporters he should take questions from.

President Biden once called himself a “gaffe machine” and has made several embarrassing slip-ups during public appearances. In one instance, the President appeared to speak to Rep. Jackie Walorski at a press conference at the White House even though Rep. Walorski had died in a car accident months before. He came close to causing an international incident in Poland in March 2022, when he veered off-script and said that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’. The White House was quick to backtrack and issued a statement stating the President was referring to the power exercised by Putin across the region and did not intend to imply that the United States was seeking regime change in Russia.

Writing in the New York Post in October this year, Mary Kay Linge said, “Since his inauguration, Biden’s verbal stumbles, overblown claims, and outright fabrications have caused endless headaches for the staffers who must clean up – or try to prevent – his rhetorical messes”.

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