Biden-Era Migrant Crisis Drains Sanctuary Cities’ Budgets

( – Chicago just announced that the city is facing a budget deficit of up to $538 million, a huge portion of which can be attributed to the continuing migrant crisis resulting from the surge of crossers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Chicago’s financial woes are just the latest example of how so-called “sanctuary cities” are paying a huge price for their open-arms policies throughout the migrant crisis. The massive deficit was announced last Wednesday by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. Of the deficit, budget projections from the mayor’s administration show that about $200 million is due to special projects, which include caring “for new migrants arriving” in Chicago.

Chicago, like New York and Los Angeles, is considered a “sanctuary city,” which means that state and local law enforcement agencies cannot cooperate with the federal government to enforce immigration laws and deportation. Aside from restricting law enforcement from cracking down on illegal immigration, these “sanctuaries” tend to have a more welcoming attitude toward the newcomers, although that is also beginning to shift.

Just last month, Massachusetts declared a state of emergency over the crisis, and it most likely won’t be the last.

Earlier this month, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that the ongoing migrant crisis has the potential to destroy the Big Apple if the federal government doesn’t step in and provide more assistance. Over 100,000 border-crossers have entered the city over the last 18 months. Adams said a “financial tsunami” is approaching, which he doesn’t think has ever been experienced by the city. “Every service” in New York City will “be impacted,” the mayor stated.

While those who claim to welcome migrants with open arms bemoan the consequences of an open border, lawmakers in border states Texas and Arizona mock the sanctuaries’ complaints while dealing with the brunt of the impact.

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