Biden Election Plans on Track Despite Unpopularity

( – President Joe Biden is to announce his reelection plans within weeks, according to the latest reports. His decision to run has not been affected by the deepening classified documents scandal and his growing unpopularity. In the latest developments, it has emerged that Hunter Biden was living at the President’s Wilmington home, where another batch of classified documents was found, while he was meeting with businessmen linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter Biden had met with officials from the Chinese energy company CEFC and had reportedly received millions of dollars from them. Several members of the Biden family had met with the Chinese officials numerous times while Biden was Vice President.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that the majority of Americans believe the President has mishandled classified files. A Quinnipiac University poll on January 18th showed that 60% of Americans think Biden acted inappropriately in his handling of sensitive documents. The figure is 84% among Republicans and 38% among Democrats. A large majority – 71% – think the issue is very serious, and 37% think the President should face criminal charges.

Biden faces opposition from within his own party as well. In December 2022, a majority of Democrat voters said they did not want to see him run for the White House in 2024, but most did not have an alternative candidate in mind.

The Biden administration faces increasing criticism over why the discovery of classified documents in the President’s former office at the University of Pennsylvania in November was only revealed to the public months later. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre continues to avoid answering questions on the matter, deferring these to the Department of Justice. “This is a legal matter that is currently happening and the President has been very, very clear when it comes to these types of legal matters. He’s not going to interfere,” she told reporters.

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