Biden Dodges Full Second Term Question

( – President Joe Biden dodged a question last week about his ability to serve another four years in office if reelected by ridiculing the reporter who asked it.

On Wednesday, May 29, Biden brought his campaign to Pennsylvania and tried to appeal to black voters alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, visiting Girard College and then a small local business to talk to Black Chamber of Commerce members. Beforehand, fresh off of Air Force One and on the tarmac of the Philadelphia International Airport, he was confronted by a journalist who asked whether or not Biden would serve another full term.

The journalist confronted the 81-year-old while he was in the middle of posing for a photograph on the tarmac with a group of people, asking Biden if he would be serving his “full four-year term or handing over power” to Harris. After a moment, while the photo was taken, Biden looked toward the journalist and pointed to his own head, asking the journalist if he was “OK.”

“Are you alright?” Biden asked, with a look of feigned concern bordering on humor, cracking a slight smile. “You’re not hurt, are you?”

The journalist, who was standing some distance from Biden, repeated the question and told Biden he could not hear him. Biden repeated himself, too, once again asking if the reporter was “OK.” The president then asked him if he fell on his head “or something,” to which a few people accompanying him chuckled. The president then turned away and started speaking with someone beside him.

The reporter’s question is one that many Americans have also been wondering about leading into the 2024 presidential election, especially considering signs of physical and mental decline in Biden throughout his first term. Recent polls show most voters believe he’s too old to serve another term and is mentally unfit to meet the job’s demands.

If Biden wins in November and makes it through another four years, he will be 86 by the time he leaves office in January 2029.

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