Biden CHALLENGED – “Test” Coming For President?

( – Tennessee Republican Rep. Scot DesJarlais is calling for a constitutional amendment requiring candidates to show proof of their “cognitive competence” in order to be on the ballot for the office of president or vice president.

The amendment states, “No person shall be eligible to hold the office of President or Vice President unless the person demonstrates cognitive competence.” The amendment also grants Congress the authority to form legislation in order to enforce these conditions, putting the decision into their hands about what tests should be administered and how these tests should be conducted.

The amendment proposal comes days after former North Carolina governor and former UN Ambassador under Trump, Nikki Haley, also called for testing the mental competency of any lawmaker over the age of 75.

Haley announced her candidacy for the GOP nomination last week, stating the White House could use “a new generation of leadership.” Her statements have raised questions about whether or not certain candidates are too old to run for president or even vice president. Although Haley did not name Biden or Trump directly, her comments were interpreted as a direct criticism of the current and former president.

Biden, who is now 80 and whose health has been in question since before he even entered office, tripped and fell while ascending the steps of Air Force One during his departure from his visit to Ukraine and Poland. He quickly caught himself, reached the top, and waved goodbye to the crowd below before entering the aircraft. This isn’t the first time Biden has tripped on these stairs, which also happened two years ago.

DesJarlais, who is a former doctor, stated that competency tests “should be a completely nonpartisan issue” and that it “defies logic” that there isn’t already such a requirement codified in law. He said he is currently working with the House GOP Doctors Caucus to compose legislation describing what kind of tests should be used to judge the cognitive competency of presidential and vice presidential candidates.

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