Biden Announces New Immigration Plan

( – President Biden has announced a policy on immigration that will continue to bring tens of thousands of people to the US every month. The President announced the plans on January 5th to allow 30,000 from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to come to the US every month with a work permit for two years – this will be known as “parole”. Those who wish to take advantage of the new rules must apply from their home countries.

The policy includes the continued use of Title 42 to expel migrants from those four countries if they enter illegally. Biden predicted that Title 42, a law that allows deportation without hearing asylum claims, will expire in 2023. It is currently held in place by a Supreme Court ruling. The President simultaneously said he will triple the number of asylum seekers granted entry to the US. A press release from the White House stated, “This delivers on the President’s commitment under the Los Angeles Declaration for Migration and Protection to scale up refugee admissions from the Western Hemisphere.”

The news has been met with celebration among Democrats, whereas others have said it simply means there will be an extra 360,000 entrants each year. Rosemary Jenks of, a group that campaigns for lower immigration, said Biden’s plans will only make matters worse. “The underlying problem is the Democrats will not want to enforce the nation’s border laws even after they award parole tickets to hundreds of thousands of migrants. If they can still get in, they’re going to keep coming. It’s going to be all of them plus 360,000,” she said.

Meanwhile, former Immigration Judge Andrew Arthur said the policy was illegal. Congress has determined that the White House should not have the authority to expand the number of parole immigrants. Arthur said if states sue the White House on the basis of current plans, the states will win.

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