Biden Administration Let 6.2 Million Migrants Into the US Through Parole Loophole

( – The Biden administration has used an immigration law loophole to release more than 6 million migrants into the United States, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The report notes that immigration has increased every year under President Biden, and the number of migrants equals the entire population of the state of Tennessee.

The parole immigration pathway effectively permits illegal immigrants to stay in the United States while applying for permission to remain. It was initially intended for use in exceptional or emergency circumstances, but under the Biden administration, approximately 6.2 million migrants have stayed in the US under its categories, which include humanitarian and point-of-entry parole. Humanitarian parole allows people with “compelling reasons” to enter the country and stay temporarily, even if they otherwise don’t qualify for a US visa. The government has legal discretion to define who has a “compelling reason” to enter.

While on “parole,” immigrants can apply for and hold official documents such as driver’s licenses and work permits, and critics say this encourages illegal migration and law-breaking by granting rights that should only be held by US citizens.

According to Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who presented data on the issue in Congress in January, the parole pathway was only used around 5,000 times annually before 2020, and the Biden administration has multiplied the figure by a staggering 235.

In recent negotiations between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, parole has been described as a “sticking point” on which the parties cannot agree. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, who is leading the GOP negotiating team, described parole reform as a “red line” for Republicans. “You’re not going to be allowed to continue to do this. You’re not going to be allowed to abuse the law,” he said.

Senator Graham has urged his fellow Republicans not to back any legislation aimed at preventing a government shutdown or funding Ukraine and Israel unless there are firm commitments to close the southern border.

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