Biden Admin Plans To Transfer $320M Worth Of Precision Bombs To Israel

( – Congress just received word from the Biden administration that they are planning to transfer $320 million worth of precision bombs to Israel toward the Jewish state’s war effort against the radical Palestinian group Hamas.

A formal notification was sent to leaders of Congress by President Joe Biden’s administration informing them that the federal government plans to transfer precision-guided weapons (called Spice Family Gilding Bomb Assemblies) to Israel. A source from the Senate confirmed the notification was sent on Halloween and received by Congress.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the transfer first, and according to their report, correspondence revealed an agreement happened and that the company Rafael USA would move the explosives to its parent company in Israel, called Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The plan includes support, testing, and assembly provisions, as well as other technology required to use the weapons.

The State Department said they were “unable to comment” or “confirm” specific activity related to “trade licensing or compliance.”

Before this plan, $402 million worth of the same weapons systems were transferred after the White House sought approval from Congress in 2020. The latest weapons deal also comes after United Nations leaders and organizers released a joint statement last Sunday calling for a cease-fire in Gaza immediately. The statement also reported at least 10,000 Palestinian deaths since Israel launched its siege on the territory.

Israel’s siege came in response to a massive, coordinated attack by the militant Palestinian group Hamas on October 7, which left around 1,400 dead in Israel and about 200 captured as hostages by Hamas.

President Joe Biden had another conversation on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reiterating “his steadfast support” for the Jewish state and promising to protect Israeli citizens. He added that it was also “imperative” to protect civilians in Gaza as well and to “reduce civilian harm” while Israel conducts its military operations.

How much aid should go to Israel and whether or not a cease-fire should occur are questions that are causing division amongst party members in both major parties in the US, while the 2024 election is just around the corner.

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