Behind Bars – MURDEROUS Nurse’s Life is OVER!

( – Lucy Letby, a former neonatal nurse in the UK, was sentenced to life in prison for killing seven newborn babies and attempting to kill six more. Letby’s sentence is a whole-life order,” which means she will never leave prison. Letby will serve the beginning of her sentence in the hospital wing of a high-security prison, where physicians will assess her physical and mental health. Letby will be isolated for several months and may never be fully integrated into the prison population.

Prisoners who have received a life sentence behind bars may be tempted to take their own lives to avoid a lifetime of isolation. Letby is a prominently known prisoner, as she is the most prolific child killer in British history and only the fourth woman to receive this harsh sentence. Tania Bassett, a representative for Napo, reported that if Letby were to take her own life, the prison system would be questioned about its ability to monitor prisoners properly.

Bassett also told reporters that Letby would need to be segregated and protected from other prisoners. Many of the women in prison are separated from their own babies or children while they serve their sentences, and Letby’s being known as a “baby killer” could place her in extreme danger. Several officers will accompany Letby as she is escorted from place to place inside the prison, and she will have her meals and exercise alone with only the prison staff for contact.

Mark Leech, editor of The Prison Oracle website, stated that Letby will be monitored and completely isolated for at least six months. Methods of monitoring prisoners on suicide watch include CCTV cameras and being checked on every 5–10 minutes by prison staff. Once Letby is placed in her own personal cell, she will spend at least 22 hours alone inside the cell. Due to the nature of her crimes, she will be more isolated than most prisoners.

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