Anti Israel Statements Sweep Colleges


( – Ivy League American universities are facing criticism following the publication of student group statements condemning Israel and blaming the Jewish state for the horrific attack launched by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Leaders of Harvard University were forced to publish a follow-up statement after 30 student groups issued joint remarks saying the “apartheid regime” in Israel is “the only one to blame” for the attack. Harvard University President Claudine Gay later released a statement saying there is “no doubt” that the university condemns the actions of Hamas and added that students who spoke in favor of the Palestinian cause were doing so in their own right and not on behalf of Harvard.

Lawrence H. Summers, president emeritus of Harvard, criticized the college on Twitter, asking why it was so clear in its condemnation of police violence following the death of George Floyd but so vague and unsure on this occasion. “Why can’t we give reassurance that the university stands squarely against Hamas terror?” he asked.

More than 50 student organizations signed a separate declaration reiterating their “unwavering support of the resistance in Gaza and the broader occupied Palestinian lands.” Signatories agreed that Israel was a colonial occupier that had imposed decades of oppression, and therefore, the group “indisputably supports the uprising.”

Sympathy for Hamas is not limited to college campuses. Members of the US Congress have called on America to end its support of Israel in the wake of the attack that left more than 1,000 Israeli civilians dead. Left-wing Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib condemned US funding of what she called the “apartheid regime” of the Jewish state. Rep. Cory Bush echoed that sentiment and said US backing of the “Israeli military occupation” must end.

Republicans, however, have hit back and taken a robust stand against Hamas. GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley said the organization must be “eliminated,” while Senator Lindsay Graham said Israel should “level” the Gaza strip.

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