Another Top Democrat FLEES PARTY – Joins GOP!

( – A Louisiana lawmaker has become the second in a week to leave the Democrats and join the Republicans. State Rep. Jeremy LaCombe announced he was joining the GOP, becoming the second from Louisiana to do so in a month.

In March, Rep. Francis Thompson also walked away from the Democrats and gave Republicans a supermajority in the Pelican State. Nationwide, it is the third loss this year and the second in a week for the Democrats. Rep. Tricia Cotham crossed to the Republicans in North Carolina only days before LaCombe’s announcement.

The loss of Rep. Thompson may be a particularly damaging one for the Democrats as he had sat under that party’s banner for more than 50 years. He is Louisiana’s longest-serving legislator and has served in the House and the Senate. First elected in 1974, he has taken a center-ground conservative approach throughout his career. He has a history of voting against Democrats if he disagrees with them. “There are values and principles that I firmly hold onto that guide my decisions. My conservative voting record over the years I have served in the Legislature speaks for itself,” he said. 

His move came as voters in Louisiana abandon the Democrats in droves. 

In North Carolina, Charlotte Rep. Tricia Cotham provided details as to what prompted her shift – one which also gave the GOP a supermajority and the ability to move its legislative agenda past the Democratic Governor. She said that the Democrats would bully and sideline anyone who won’t go along with their radical agenda. Her switch has prompted some to demand a recall and re-election.

She also said she had received threats and was subjected to intimidation tactics for her opinions on various issues. “They certainly will slice and dice you in a second with malicious, vicious, untrue rumors and do not celebrate your success,” she told reporters.

House Democratic Leader Robert Reives said her claims are untrue and he has encouraged Democrats never to turn on each other. 

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