Americans Do NOT Want Companies To Do This!

( – A poll has revealed that the vast majority of the public does not want to see companies promote political issues. The Rasmussen Reports survey found that only 9% of American adults believe it is important that companies promote issues like diversity or environmental causes, while 69% said businesses should focus on delivering quality goods and services.

The result provides another example of how big business, politics, and the media, many of which consistently propagandize for “woke” issues like diversity, are increasingly out of touch with public opinion. This can most obviously be seen in Hollywood, where politically correct messaging is failing to resonate with the movie-going public. In 2022, for example, Disney produced its first animated feature with an LGBT character and despite spending $180 million on production, it took only $24 million at the box office. A climate change documentary produced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) took only $80 per theater in its opening weekend.

The introduction of critical race theory ideas, such as the notion that white people are privileged, has also crept in to Hollywood. White males in particular are being sidelined in the movie industry.  Last year, Hollywood’s revenue dropped by 40% and the once-important Oscar awards have seen a collapse in viewing figures. In 2000, more than 46 million Americans tuned in to watch the awards show, this had fallen to only 15 million in 2022. 

While the Oscars once focused on rewarding the best movies, directors, and actors, now “diversity” is the overriding priority. Since 2020, for a movie to qualify for the Best Picture nomination, it must have at least one lead or significant supporting actor from an underrepresented ethnic group, or at least 30% of the cast must be from two underrepresented groups, or the main storyline must center around an underrepresented group. The new rules do not mention production quality, solid acting, powerful storylines, or entertainment value. 

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