America Stands with Trump – Undeniable Proof!

( – Over the weekend, CBS News released a poll that found while the vast majority of Americans believe Trump taking classified documents was a national security risk, what concerned the majority of Republican primary voters was that Trump’s indictment is politically motivated.

Only 38 percent of Republicans believe that Trump’s retention of classified documents posed a risk to national security compared to 80 percent of non-Republicans. Meanwhile, 76 percent of Republican primary voters believe Trump’s indictment is politically motivated.

When asked if the indictment against Trump will change their views of the former president, 61 percent of Republicans said it wouldn’t change their view. Only 14 percent of Republicans said it would change their view “for the better” while 7 percent said it changed it “for the worse.”

Most stunningly, a staggering 80 percent of Republican voters believe that Trump should be able to be president even if he is convicted, while only 20 percent said a conviction should disqualify him.

During CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Monday, host Dana Bash noted the deep divide between Republican respondents and non-Republicans over the question of whether the classified documents Trump kept posed a threat to national security, Mediaite reported.

CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju explained the divide among Republican primary voters and the rest of the country is that Republicans believe that Trump is getting a “raw deal” while “mainstream voters” like those in the suburbs and swing districts “think differently.”

Raju added that while this poll may be good for Trump’s chances in the primary, the poll shows that Trump won’t win the general election.

In a tweet on Sunday, MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough said the CBS poll shows that Trump’s indictment is only further radicalizing the GOP base while driving the swing voters who decide elections further away from the Republican Party.

Scarborough added that there is “no end to the election losses” that Donald Trump brings to Republicans.

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