Amber Rose Photo With Donald and Melania Trump Sparks Online Backlash

( – Model Amber Rose recently posted a picture with former President Donald Trump and received a wave of backlash from fans who accused her of hypocrisy.

Rose shared the photo on her Instagram page on Monday, May 20. The photograph shows the model-turned-activist posing in a black dress on one side of Trump, who is posing with a smile and a thumbs-up, along with former First Lady Melania Trump, who stands on the other side of her husband. The photo, which was taken at a black-tie event, was captioned by Rose with “Trump 2024” and emojis of the American flag.

Many fans were quick to storm the comment section with mixed reactions, some praising the model and rapper for standing with the former president while others accused her of hypocrisy as a stated advocate of women’s rights.

One user wrote to her that Trump is “literally against everything” she stands for, and another said there was “nothing more embarrassing” than seeing a woman who votes for Trump. The top comment with about 35,000 likes, by user “nubian_throne,” mocked Rose for calling herself an advocate for women’s rights while “endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe v. Wade.”

Her current position on Trump represents a 180 for Rose since the 2016 presidential election, before which she vowed to leave the country if he won. She never left, of course, although did remain critical of the former president while he was in office.

Rose appeared on the “Just B” podcast in March and told host Bethenny Frankel that she was actually a conservative and has “always been conservative” since she was young. Rose also discussed her relationship with rapper Kanye West, whom she dated for a few years, from 2008 to 2010, and claims he was one of the reasons she started to dress more provocatively. She said although she understands how it came off to the public, that it was really “not her.”

There were positive responses to her endorsement of Trump, of course. One user wrote that “hot and successful people know” the former president “is the way” in the upcoming election.

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