Al Sharpton Sends REQUEST To CNN – He’s Jumping Mad!

( – Al Sharpton demanded that CNN explain why Don Lemon was fired. The veteran race activist said he is completely stunned at Lemon’s departure from the network and described him as a “superb journalist” and friend to the civil rights movement.

Sharpton said he demands to know what Lemon alluded to when he said there is more to the story than is known. “We cannot afford to silence his voice,” Sharpton said. He added he was stunned by the network’s decision. 

In a statement after his departure was announced, Lemon said, “It is clear that there are some larger issues at play.”

The CNN anchor was fired in mid-April and the exact reasons are unknown. However, he was ordered to undergo “formal training” after he said on air that women aged 50 are past their prime. Speaking with other hosts about remarks by Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley on the advanced age of many politicians, Lemon warned that Haley, who is over 50, is also past her prime. “Women are in their prime in their 20s and 30s,” he said. 

The comments provoked a backlash as Lemon was accused of sexism, and Nikki Haley also took a swipe at the presenter at a campaign event in Bedford, New Hampshire. An audience member asked Haley, “Do you feel that it’s possible that Don Lemon was fired because he was beyond his prime?” The Presidential candidate replied, “God bless Don Lemon. All I’ll say is, who’s in their prime now?”

Lemon recently told reporters that he has no regrets and “owns” his actions. The 57-year-old said life is filled with surprises, but he is a survivor who comes from “strong sturdy stock” in Louisiana. He added that he intends to spend the summer on the beach and spend time with his family. While he said he wants to work again, he is fortunate to be able to take time off to “chill out” and wait to see what happens next. 

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