Al Qaeda Is Rapidly Growing In Afghanistan

( – A new United Nations (UN) report shows that Al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic terrorist group, is expanding within Afghanistan following the disastrous withdrawal of American troops by the Biden administration that led to the Taliban reclaiming control of the Middle Eastern nation.

The report was released at the end of January by the UN Security Council and claims that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban remain closely linked in Afghanistan and that Al-Qaeda also “maintains a holding pattern” in the country under government patronage, contrary to what the Taliban claims. According to the report, it’s concealing its ties with Al-Qaeda terrorists despite the fact that many Taliban members share similar extremist views.

The report also claims that although Al-Qaeda is probably not yet strong enough to carry out overseas attacks, they have established at least “eight new training camps” in the country. Four of those bases are in the provinces of Uruzgan, Laghman, Parwan, and Ghazni, and a new one in the Panjshir Valley that will house stockpiles of weaponry. The report also claims five new madrasas have been established, which are radical Islamic schools, in the provinces of Parwan, Nangarhar, Nurstan, Kunar, and Laghman.

The report added that Al-Qaeda is also maintaining various safehouses in the provinces of Helmand, Farah, and Herat to help its members move between Iran and Afghanistan.

In a separate report published at the end of January by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), it could not be determined whether or not the Taliban were capable or willing to prevent terrorist organizations within Afghanistan from conducting activities and operations outside the country’s borders or to stop fighters from surrounding nations to enter its borders and join the ranks of such groups.

That report also mentioned a security concern of many “weapons, ammunition, and explosives” moving between such groups, much of which was seized from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, who were supplied and funded by the US. During Biden’s disorganized and sudden evacuation of US troops from the Middle Eastern nation, the US left behind supplies, and the Taliban immediately moved in and retook control of the government.

The August 2021 evacuation remains one of the biggest blunders of the Biden administration, which still faces widespread criticism for the botched affair.

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