Abbott Busses Migrant to Harris’ Home

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent busloads of migrants to the home of Vice President Kamala Harris late on Christmas Eve. Around 130 illegal immigrants, on 3 buses, landed at Harris’s residence the Naval Observatory. The Vice President did not greet or acknowledge the migrants.

The Texas Governor has been sending migrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ or politicians who advocate open borders to drive home the reality of the situation and relieve some of the burdens on his state. It appears to have rattled several Democratic political leaders. Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, has declared a state of emergency there, and Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, said the Golden State is on the verge of breaking down as a result of huge migrant numbers. Both Adams and Newsom have encouraged mass immigration.

Democrats responded to Abbott’s actions with various verbal attacks. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) called the Governor “worthless” while a Democrat activist said Abbott “belongs in prison.” Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) called for new laws to make the bussing of migrants out of border states a criminal offense.

The illegal immigrants were among more than 16,000 to cross the southern border over the Christmas weekend in freezing temperatures. According to US Customs and Border Protection, there were 16,476 arrivals. Of these, 14,000 were released and 2,100 were expelled under Title 42. This legislation allows law enforcement to send migrants back across the border, on public health grounds, without hearing asylum claims. It was due to expire on December 21st but is currently held in place by a Supreme Court order.

The Biden administration in 2022 saw record numbers cross in to the United States illegally. Those records are expected to be broken again in 2023 as Biden continues to fail to tackle the issue.

Charity groups took those who arrived at the Vice President’s residence to a nearby church.

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