70 Percent Say Biden Too Old for Another Term

(ConservativeSense.com) – Yet another poll shows that most voters believe President Joe Biden is far too old to serve a second term in the White House amid rising concern about the president’s physical stamina, balance, and cognitive abilities.

The new survey was released by Quinnipiac Poll on Wednesday, Feb. 21, and found that almost 70% of registered voters in America believe the sitting president should not serve another term due to his advanced age.

While Biden is slightly ahead of former President Donald Trump when respondents were asked about a hypothetical rematch, 67% said that 81 years old is “too old” for Biden “to effectively serve” a second term in the White House. That number was 68% in a September poll by Quinnipiac.

In contrast, 37% felt the same about Trump and 57% of respondents said they didn’t think the former president was too old for a second term.

Tim Malloy, a polling analyst for Quinnipiac University, said that the “split decision on physical and emotional fitness” leaves Biden and Trump “both looking vulnerable.” The poll found that although registered voters were more confident in Trump’s age and stamina, they had slightly “more confidence in Biden’s empathy” toward the public, as well as the president’s “emotional stability” while handling the job.

There were other interesting findings in the poll, such as GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley beating Biden in a hypothetical face-off, 46% to 43%, and that 80% of Republican-leaning and Republican voters would pick Trump over Haley, who only received 17% support.

Another poll from Ipsos published a week earlier found that 59% of Americans think both Biden and Trump are too old for a second term, and an additional 27% believe only Biden is unfit. These statistics come in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which determined the president would not face criminal charges for mishandling classified documents and cited his “poor memory” as one of the reasons he could not stand trial.

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