50 THIEVES – And Cops Couldn’t Even Catch ONE

(ConservativeSense.com) – A mob of around 50 thieves looted a Los Angeles mall, taking around $100,000 worth of luxury items. The incident took place on August 12, and none of the thieves have been identified. Shocking footage of the robbery was shared on Twitter and shows a large group with their faces concealed ripping clothing from rails and vandalizing the store while shocked law-abiding shoppers look on helplessly. It’s believed that at least two security guards were attacked with pepper spray in the face.

The robbery, which took place at the Westfield Topanga Mall, was the second in LA in just a few weeks. Thieves stole $300,000 worth of jewelry in a similar incident in July in La Verne, Los Angeles County.

Social media users who viewed the clip from Westfield Topanga were shocked at the audacity of the crime. Most responses from Twitter users mocked Democrats and the broader left-wing approach to lawbreaking. One poster said “Democrat America,” while several mocked leftist thinking, sarcastically saying, “They’re just starving people in need of food.” One Twitter user, Marjorie Taylor Greene Press Release (a parody account), wrote, “Why are they running? They should be walking out calmly; California absolutely doesn’t care.”

The Golden State has a reputation among conservative commentators for sympathizing with criminals instead of their victims. Legislation such as Proposition 47, passed in 2014, helps to bolster the conservative case.

Enacted into law via a public referendum, Proposition 47 raises the threshold for felony theft to $950. In other words, unless the property stolen is worth more than $950, there is no felony. Some conservatives believe that this places stores and small businesses at a huge disadvantage and encourages and minimizes the impact of low-level crime.

In 2022, Rudy Salas, a Democrat on the California State Assembly, said the law has fueled retail crime and needs to be revoked. A poll at the same time showed 60% of Californians regret passing the law and support Mr. Salas’ view.

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