151-Count INDICTMENT Revealed – New York City Does It!

(ConservativeSense.com) – As a result of a nearly three-year investigation, prosecutors in Queens unsealed an indictment of 151 charges against 33 rival gangbangers on Tuesday. The feud between the rival gang members who terrorized New York citizens resulted in at least two deaths, one of whom was a 14-year-old high school freshman.

The violent rivalry between the Money World crew and two other gangs called the Local Trap Stars and Never Forget Loyalty went on for years and started in April 2019 when a member of Trap Stars was attacked by members of the two other gangs.

Since then, the feud has left at least half a dozen people wounded and two dead. One of the victims was Aamir Griffin, a high school freshman and promising basketball player who was fatally shot by Sean Brown in October 2019. Brown spotted Griffin on a basketball court in South Jamaica, mistook him for one of the rival gang members, and opened fire with a .380-caliber handgun.

After Griffin’s death, six more attacks of retaliation were carried out between the gangs, one of which was the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Sean Vance on New Year’s Eve 2020 while sitting in his parked car. Vance was also mistaken for someone else by alleged shooter Tymirth Bey-Foster, a member of the Money World gang, who planned the killing with two other members according to prosecutors.

Five of the 33 will be charged with murder related to the two killings, and all 33 defendants in the massive case will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder among many other charges.

The commanding officer of the 113th Precinct, NYPD Deputy Inspector Jerry O’Sullivan lauded the massive indictment in a joint press conference held with prosecutors, stating that “the streets of South Jamaica, Queens, are a much safer place” because of it.

According to O’Sullivan, Amir wasn’t alone on the court and there were also two cops assigned to the location, yet “for the gang members to feel comfortable enough to bring a gun to the vicinity of a basketball court where cops are” and shoot someone is “completely unacceptable.”

Mayor Eric Adams said the case “is another victory in our work to remove New York’s most dangerous individuals from our communities.”

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