$12 MILLION Bill Unveiled – It Has Big Implications

(ConservativeSense.com) – A new immigration bill that would allocate $12 million toward relocating migrants just passed the Florida legislature on Tuesday.

After clearing the Senate a week prior, the sweeping legislation passed the Republican-controlled Florida state House by an 83-36 vote and will provide Gov. Ron DeSantis $12 million for the organization of efforts to relocate migrants out of Florida.

The proposal will also enact stricter penalties that will prohibit municipalities and counties from granting funds to any organization, entity, or person for the issuing of identification documents to anyone who fails to provide proof that they lawfully entered the country. Also specified in the new legislation is that any permits or licenses that were issued in other states to immigrants who are unauthorized will not be valid in Florida.

Another notable part of the measure is the expansion of business requirements to use E-Verify if the business has over 25 employees.

The most controversial part of the new bill is the money that will be provided to Emergency Management for the transport of unauthorized aliens. This initiative caused a stir last year after DeSantis sent a large group of migrants to the prestigious Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where many liberal pundits live and express their support and approval of sanctuary policies. The local government of the island located south of Cape Cod said the wealthy residents lacked the resources to support the new arrivals and sent them away to a Cape Cod military base.

The new legislative package was framed by DeSantis as a direct counter to the Democratic policies of President Joe Biden, whose border policies are considered by Republicans (and even some Democrats, like NYC Mayor Eric Adams) to be a disaster.

DeSantis, who is still at war with Disney and continuing to pass other controversial bills while still governor, is expected to announce his presidential campaign sometime this month. Most agree that he will pose the greatest threat to Trump for the GOP nomination.

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